What grows in my garden

July 27th, 2008, by Francesca

red wine and strawberry sorbet

Ben's second batch of red wine & strawberry sorbet is even better than the first one. He upped the wine, reduced the sugar, and voilĂ : the perfect color, texture and flavor.

red wine and strawberry sorbet

In case you wonder, since I haven't been posting as often as last term, I have gazillions of photos and stuff, but no time to blog.
So sad…

2 Responses to “What grows in my garden”

  1. MaryjoO Says:
    may I suggest a fresh couple of basil leaves on the side with the sorbet -- it is wonderful. After having various success on growing green Genovese basil from Burpees' seeds, this year, in the middle of Siberia LOL we have the most basil we've ever had, and quickly. Go figure! And to buy a 110v ice cream maker is on our list for when we get back to the US. We can't ever get enough of the sorbets .... What's next on your cooking -- are you finished with the pastries?
  2. karen Says:
    oh wow. and I want to join Pipie for croissants too.

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