New plan

August 17th, 2008, by Francesca

Tomorrow my classmates will move on to Baking 2 while I start an academic term: Math 2, Nutrition, Culinary World History. That way I can take a bit of a break and then have only cooking classes to deal with for the subsequent three terms.

In the meantime, the Michael Phelps diet sans swimming has finally caught up with me and for the first time since starting school I am putting on weight. I guess I'd better cut on the carbs or take up competitive swimming. But not today. In fact I am heading to the kitchen to make some whole wheat dinner rolls.

And then I'll read about how to make home made ricotta on the September issue of Saveur. I've tried the lemon juice recipe but honestly that's fake ricotta, just as bad as the grainy stuff at the supermarket. The recipe on Saveur is still not the way ricotta is made in Italy, but it seems the best approximation you can do at home and I am going to give it a try. At least it calls for rennet and not lemon juice or vinegar.

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  1. MaryjoO Says:
    oh, the baking looks great! Let us know how the ricotta turns out -- I saved the recipe when I saw it!

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