Sharing the loave

September 25th, 2008, by Francesca

The sharing was unintentional, but that's what happens chez tantarobina when you leave food unattended for just a few minutes.


…until proven guilty

Pipie is an equal opportunity sampler: Italian, Swedish, Armenian, American, you name it, he'll try it.

And like it.

And come back to the scene of the crime for more.

You should have seen him during the subsequent sugar crash.

4 Responses to “Sharing the loave”

  1. Lorette Says:
    Looks guilty to me. That reminds me of the same look on the cat that once ate the little feet off two cornish hens I had sitting in the window to thaw for Thanksgiving dinner one year. Just the feet, Tom left the rest for us.
  2. Peggy Says:
    Ah, finally! The beauty of your cats is unreal. How do you ever get anything done at home?
  3. Laura Says:
    That's the difference between cats and dogs. With a cat, you get a small hole in a slice of bread. Had my dogs been there, there would have been a large "black" hole where not only the single slice, but the rest of the loaf used to reside. That is the saga of my boys. Black holes that consume the universe. :)
  4. Nan Says:
    Reminds me of the day I made muffins and left them on the counter to cool, then went out. When I came back there was a crater in every muffin. Mr. Maine Coon had to test every one, of course, just to make sure they were all good. They do keep life interesting!

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