The next step

October 6th, 2008, by Francesca

A week of been busy doing nothing: trying to catch up with admin chores I have no hope of getting caught up with any time soon… spending my birthday worrying and cleaning up after Pipie who was sick for a few days (he's all better now after getting fluids, shots, pills, antibiotics and a special diet)… baking focaccia with a new recipe that must have had a typo in one of the ingredient amounts, and a bunch of other uneventful non-stuff. Oh yes, and some sudoku and solitaire playing… something I hadn't done in ages. I guess I needed some time off from anything real.

But I'm back now. Yesterday, Ben and I had a pow-wow to discuss our short- to mid-range plans. Nothing set in stone, just some general guidelines for our immediate future which will include me getting back to web development while I try to learn more about bread baking. Talking of which, there may be an internship at a local bakery sometime soon, if things work out.

cheese rolls

5 Responses to “The next step”

  1. MaryjoO Says:
    oh, divine pastries. What's inside? good luck on all your decisions ... we too have to think about "what we want to do" but not right away, thank goodness. We are at 7250 feet. Not conducive to a lot a baking. But I do have a high altitude cookbook -- I should try something. I'm afraid to look at it though and think that there probably won't be any bread in it .....
  2. Sylvia Says:
    I've been putting together a little list of local ingredients -- there's an excellent creamery in W. Marin, for instance, with really lovely heavy cream and good yogurt. Can't wait to meet you in person!
  3. Priscilla Says:
    First of all Happy Belated Birthday.... *hugs* I hope Pipie will have a speedy recovery. Give him a scratch on the head for me. The pastries look really good. Good Luck with the Internship. :)
  4. Bobbi Says:
    Wow! If that's the kind of stuff that comes home from baking class, I'll be right over!
  5. karen Says:
    I want to eat those...(hi Pipie-I hope the special diet is full of snacks)

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