Pizza, pita, focaccia e gelato

July 11th, 2008, by Francesca

Not perfectly round, but I rather like the rugged look of my very first pizza.

My focaccia dough trying to explode after I left it too long in the proofing box.

I am happy to report that there were no casualties. In fact the focaccia turned out okay, a bit too poofy but crusty on the outside, moist on the inside, and with good flavor.

The whole wheat pitas are thicker than I am used to and different in texture because of the whole wheat flour in the mix. Tomorrow we'll try them with the hummus made by chef in class today. After eating pizza, focaccia and gelato tonight, we didn't have any room for more bread.

We made gelato alla crema from yet another recipe. I think this is our fourth batch, every time from a different recipe. Our excuse this time was that tomorrow is Ben's birthday and we had no ice-cream left in the freezer and clearly you can't have a birthday without gelato. This is our most successful batch so far, from an Italian book that my mother mailed us a few days ago. The next thing from that book – Ice Dream – will be sorbetto al vino rosso e fragole (red wine and strawberry sorbet). Doesn't that sound divine?

More than half of the focaccia ended up at our next-door neighbors' house, because willpower alone is not enough to fit more food in the fridge.
The leftover focaccia is now in the microwave oven, where it should be safe from you-know-who until tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Pizza, pita, focaccia e gelato”

  1. Sylvia Says:
    Barometric pressure can make a HUGE difference in how much rise you get in yeast breads. In Montana one of my neighbors would call when her barometer showed certain activity and she'd tell me whether or not it was good to bake that day. How did you bake your pitas? Cookie sheets or on the bottom of the stove? Have you tried doing chapathis yet? Do you have Laurel's Bread Book? Did you roll or stretch your pizza dough? Did you put the cheese on first? Use a baking stone? Am I asking too many questions today? I'll shut up now! ;)
  2. karen Says:
    ahhhh, this is the section of culinary school I would really enjoy...bread and bread's relative pizza...
  3. rosie Says:
    Oh, I'm drooling. I love homemade pitta and hummus and as for gelata and pizza.....
  4. MaryjoO Says:
    pls. do a posting when you have a chance on your first commenter's questions ... I'd love the answers. But nice items! Your neighborhood must love your training LOL I'm finding out about this barometric pressure thing -- I've had two bread doughs just refuse to go together now, and realized it's when the kitchen is very cold and clammy -- the flour gets grabbed and then something happens chemically and it's like cement --- it won't soften up. No fun throwing out sourdough stuff because the bread flour has to come and long way to get here and weighs a lot .... anyway, without giving away your institutes's secrets, can you point us to a good pita bread recipe/book that would have one? I'd love to be able to make some -- they are so versatile -- I'm just not a sandwich person.

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