It's called research

June 13th, 2008, by Francesca

I'm doing research.

What, you don't believe me? It's not like I would *choose* to eat salame al cioccolato unless I had to. And let me tell you, this business of shooting food is harder than you'd think; the food keeps disappearing with every click of the camera. It's a mystery. Of course, with two cats in the house, there's always someone to blame.

And it's so much work: first you have to peel it, just like real salame.

So, what am I doing making chocolate salame?


Yesterday, chef Boyd told us that today we'd be cooking in teams as a way of practicing our teamwork skills ahead of Buffet Day, next Thursday. Today's menu will be entirely different and we'll be cooking just for us, 30+ people instead of 150, but still, it's practice.



The menu is being handed down to us with the exception of dessert and I was one of few students who volunteered to make dessert. Since we are cooking rustic dishes (fried chicken and such) I thought I'd go to class with a simple, rustic dessert proposal for my team mates to try out and if they like it, we'll make it. I also expect that we'll be able to make at least two kinds of dessert, since salame al cioccolato is really easy.


If the calories don't scare you, I'll post the recipe.

And now I'd better make sure some of this salame makes it to class.

6 Responses to “It's called research”

  1. MX Says:
    This looks like a very interesting desert. I'm speaking from a researching point of view only, understand. AND yes, please publish the recipe!
  2. Kate Says:
    As a native Belgian, I feel this dish is of particular cultural significance to me. In the interest of retaining my traditional heritage I feel an in-depth examination of the recipe is vital. Please post it. Also: yum.
  3. Laura Says:
    I'm salivating, darn it!
  4. karen Says:
    I've been to Belgium and enjoyed the cultural significance of chocolate there and whatever that has to do with an Italian chocolate recipe will be of awe-inspiring importance to moi. That looks nummy!
  5. MaryjoO Says:
    definitely post the recipe pls!! But you cut through the foil with your GOOD knife????? Have another question for your Italian=ness: I'm "marinating" fresh cut up tomatoes, a little oil, salt, garlic and shredded basil to then put "as in" on cooked pasta later -- we can't remember the "name" of this "sauce." (the house smells divine)
  6. Laurence Says:
    I have to try that salame! never mind the calories.. thanks for the recipe, Francesca!

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