Caught in the act

April 13th, 2008, by Francesca

Do you recognize this blur?

kitty blur

I had barely heard the lickety-lick sounds and headed towards the kitchen that he had already jumped on the floor and dashed out of sight. Pipie can be very quick when life is at stake.

He ate half the skimmings from my chicken stock and has been licking himself for the past 20 minutes. I guess the stock scum is sticky.

still tasting the chicken

In case you wonder… I keep the digital camera handy at all times in the kitchen now.

3 Responses to “Caught in the act”

  1. Ava Says:
    a real cat burglar!
  2. Lydia Says:
    The scoundrel! I go to someone's house to take Japanese sweet-making lessons from her and she has a really determined cat, who one time during class jumped-up onto the tray of sweets the students had just made. I managed to shoo him off and catch most of our sweets before they hit the floor. His paw prints on some of the sweets added a special flavor to our labor.
  3. karen Says:
    not sticky...deeeeliciousio and must lick off every!

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