15 lbs of potatoes

March 28th, 2008, by Francesca

Last week, Ben came home from Costco with this:

15 lbs bag of potatoes

Yep, that's right: 15 lbs of potatoes.

So far we've had purè di patate (mashed potatoes) and patate in padella (potatoes in the pan). I forgot to season the cast iron pan after the last wash and the garlic/rosemary potatoes got a bit burnt, but there were no leftovers. There's something to be said for comfort food, n'est ce pas?

Now, will someone please suggest a recipe that will get me at least half-way through this bag? Potato jam anyone?

5 Responses to “15 lbs of potatoes”

  1. Cilla Ann Says:
    hmm... Irish Cream Potatoes, Irish Pub Potatoes(my fav), Potato Noodles will keep for about 3 months, Potatoes Cakes, home made french fries, alo gobi, alo zucchini, vegetable khroma (nothing better to clean out every left over vegetable in the frig), palak panner (leave out the homemade cheese and replace it with potatoes)
  2. Francesca Says:
    Cilla Ann, I did a quick search for the dishes you suggested and I am really interested in the Potato Noodles, especially since they keep for so long. Do you freeze the dough and then use it in batches when needed?
  3. Laurence Says:
    un bon gratin dauphinois or a Hachis parmentier: http://www.aftouch-cuisine.com/recipe/hachis-parmentier-150.htm Potato and crab cakes? Potato soup?
  4. Ava Says:
    Potato leek soup, with a little cheddar and bacon. Sorry I don't have a recipe.
  5. Lorette Says:
    I'm so excited to find your food blog! And do the potato leek soup, and add chopped fresh sorrel at the end, then puree. We're having it for dinner tonight since they had the first of the spring sorrel at the farmers' market.

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