Italian for foodies

March 18th, 2008, by Francesca

Would you like to learn some food-related Italian?
Is that a yes I hear?

Italian for foodies

All right, then; I'll get you started in a few days with your first mini lesson. Little by little you'll learn the names of foods, ingredients, dishes and so on. I can't promise you grammar lessons, but I'll see if I can find good online sources that will help you put the words together.

Aside from words, I'll try to provide insights into the Italian mind. Even though I've been away from Italy for 16 years, I think you can trust me there; all my cultural biases are still more or less intact. And for my American friends, there will be a special issue on the "things you think you know". Ha!

While I get ready for class, here's your homework: rent the movie Big Night. It will put you in the right frame of mind.

10 Responses to “Italian for foodies”

  1. carlene Says:
    I totally just added it to my queue. I did see this movie a long time ago, but my husband (who is Sicilian, which is *not* Italian, I am reminded) has not.
  2. Marina Says:
    This is exciting, but where were you when I needed help ordering meats at a deli near Lucca? And everyone laughed and nodded their heads when the only English speaking native explained that I was an American (so-o not true!), hence the need for 1 kg. of "cold cuts".
  3. Agnes Says:
    Great! The story sounds like a Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare episode ... and me and my husband love watching Tony Shalhoub!
  4. Bea Says:
    It's in my queue! I'm ready for my first lesson teacher!!
  5. kaisakaisa Says:
    While I mostly read knitting blogs, I think adding your culinary blog to my blogroll will add nice variety to my readings. And if I can learn some culinary Italian, that just makes it so much better! Good luck to culinary school! .. I wonder if I can find the movie here in Finland, I have to try.
  6. Silvia Says:
    Italian names of foods, ingredients, dishes? You mean apart from 'pizza':)? I wish you good luck with the new blog (it has a great look by the way). And I've decided today to finally buy a proper cooker - just to be ready for the first Italian dish. Silvia
  7. Lydia Says:
    Sounds exciting!
  8. strikkelise Says:
    Looks good in here! I´m looking forward to some lessons.
  9. Steven Kesler Says:
    Francesca, I am so jealous of you ;-). Before Gaby and I left for New Zealand, I was seriously considering selling the house and signing up to attend this culinary school (and only a couple of blocks away from our place in Pasadena too!) I look forward to cooking through you vicariously - and to learn a bit more about cooking as well. Buona mangiata!
  10. MX Says:
    I'm so loving this new blog and am very excited about your new adventure. Congrats and best of luck!

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